Tech Giants Collaborate to Build a Program That Speeds Up Browsers by 20 Times

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Tech Giants Collaborate to Build a Program That Speeds Up Browsers by 20 Times

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Top minds of the tech industry are making collective efforts to construct WebAssembly. Known as ‘wasm’ in short, WebAssembly is a new intermediate representation for safe code on the Web, being prepared by Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Mozilla. The new bytecode enhances the speed of the browser by 20 times, therefore, decreasing the computing time of the content to milliseconds. In simple words, bytecode is a set of instructions read by computers that helps browsers load faster.

Currently, the conversational language of browsers is JavaScript, through which they interpret codes and flash content on any website. Mozilla’s asm.js has been in use since long, which decreases the loading time of a webpage, but WebAssembly bytecode makes the browser even faster. It is more efficient for both desktop and mobile browsers than the full source code of a Web page or app.


JavaScript creator and former Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich said in a blog post:

asm.js is great, but once engines optimize for it, the parser becomes the hot spot — very hot on mobile devices. Transport compression is required and saves bandwidth, but decompression before parsing hurts.

The project aims at providing features of JavaScript’s low-level subset asm.js that produces optimized JS code, and improves its range to other programming languages, like Microsoft’s C#, Google’s Go, and Mozilla’s Rust. Some sources state of it administering the complex data visualizations, Web-based animations, and large JS-driven Web or mobile apps.

The collective project is under development stage and there is no mention of when the project will conclude. But this is sure to be a norm in the recent future.

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