Welcome to the All New iGyaan

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Welcome to the All New iGyaan

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Is it Better? Is it Faster? Is it Sexier? Is It Fancier? Is it Chic ? Is it Epic? Is it Hot? Is it New? Is it Me? Is it You?

“No its the new iGyaan and We LOVE IT”!


After months and hours of turmoil and toil, We have finally Done it. Our servers are situated on the Internet Backbone in the Netherlands and we have customized the whole website to integrate all the new features and easy navigation for you convenience.

As with every new system, there are kinks and we will work them in the days to come, for now enjoy the new layout. Leave any feedback below, and be kind enough to report any errors.

We love you guys and without you igyaan could not grow so fast. So continue to bring the love and we will continue to give it back.

Oh and did we tell you that the website is now optimized to work on your, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry , iPod, Android, and mostly all major mobile phone browsers.

And we will soon have Apps for specific Operating systems.

We hope you Guys Enjoy the all new iGyaan.


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