Watch: How a Realistic Dinosaur Was Created For ‘Jurassic World’

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Watch: How a Realistic Dinosaur Was Created For ‘Jurassic World’

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Jurassic Park is considered a cinematic milestone due to the ground-breaking mix of CGI and animatronics used to bring dinosaurs to life. Jurassic World proudly carries on the tradition of mixing CGI and practical visual effects to bring the park, which took 65 million years in making, to life. Although Jurassic World employs more CGI than its predecessor, the film also utilised some fine animatronics to create a closer look at the dinosaurs.

CGI stands for computer-generated imagery, using computers to add images in movies or TV shows.

A video released by Legacy Effects explains how a believable, life-like Apatosaurus was created for the movie. The scene in question is when Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard encounter a dying Apatosaurus. What is more impressive is that the emotions expressed by Apatosaurus in the film were achieved through the use of mechanics, not CGI.

Jurassic World, the latest installment in the Jurassic Park series, has already earned more than a billion dollars at the box-office and has become the most popular entry after the first Jurassic Park film.

Watch the video below to see how Legacy Effects created a life-like Apatosaurus.

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