Facebook Testing Its Own Virtual Assistant: Moneypenny

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Facebook Testing Its Own Virtual Assistant: Moneypenny

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Facebook has grown from being a website where people post last night’s party pictures to a site where anything can happen. You can advertise your business, you can check out various events happening nearby, read the latest news and now, Facebook is venturing into streaming too. To enhance your experience, Facebook is reportedly testing a new virtual assistant along the lines of Siri and Cortana, named ‘Moneypenny’.

Named after the famous assistant in James Bond series, the feature will be present in the Messenger App. According to Engadget, Moneypenny will assist you in shopping and research, which sounds rather useful. Facebook is known for its penchant for data collection, and if people are excited about a feature like Moneypenny, then it’s a goldmine for the company as well as advertisers.

No other details about Moneypenny have been revealed yet. It will be interesting to see how Facebook integrates this with its website and app, considering that the virtual assistants by Apple, Microsoft and Google are integrated into the OS as a whole.

We can’t wait to meet Bond’s Facebook’s new assistant, Moneypenny.


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