Apple May Launch Revamped iPods Today

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Apple May Launch Revamped iPods Today

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Apple revolutionized the music industry when the iPod was launched 15 years ago. However, over the years, it has suffered the same fate as  the Discman and the Walkman – it got replaced by a better system. Though it never matched the storage system that iPod offered, users started storing music on their iPhones and in the later years, streaming services such as YouTube, Vevo and Spotify literally killed the need for an iPod. It seems Apple hasn’t forgotten the iPod, despite the fact that it just launched its own streaming service.

According to a report by iGen, a French website, Apple may launch a new range of iPods in colours such as gold, electric blue and fuchsia, plus classic black, pink and grey sidereal. The new range will include iPod Shuffle, iPod Touch and iPod Nano. While the smaller models will not receive any major upgrades, the iPod Touch will be upgraded to 64-bit from the 32-bit A5 processor that the current one uses.

As Tech 2 puts it, the speculation is based on the code spotted inside the latest iTunes version. Apple has not yet confirmed the launch date for the new iPods.

It will be interesting to see how Apple presents the new iPods, considering that Apple just launched its streaming service and more music lovers are lapping up its features.

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