Seagate Announces Hard Drive With 2TB Capacity In a 7MM Package

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Seagate Announces Hard Drive With 2TB Capacity In a 7MM Package

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Seagate Technology, has announced a new hard disk that can offer 2TB of storage capacity in a 7mm package. This new development will help in the production of mobile products that can cater to the modern stylus. This can be fitted into a thin, light-weight, fast, power-efficient and cost-effective handset.


This new hard drive weighs 3.17 oz which is said to be 25% lighter than its predecessors and further makes itself practical and useful by being able to free up valuable space in a mobile device to accommodate additional designed-in features like – bigger batteries, more memory and better air circulation.

“In an industry first, our engineers have been able to boost areal density to 1TB per platter in a 2.5-inch form factor, which will give OEMs the flexibility to design and build virtually any kind of mobile device they can envision, with plenty of storage to boot,” said Mark Re, Seagate’s chief technology officer.

This 2TB hard drive is capable of storing more than ” 500,000 songs, 320,000 photos, and 240 hours of high definition videos or 26 hours of 4K ultra-high definition content.” The hard drive comes in an HDD format, however, Seagate is currently said to be examining a Hybrid version that could come with a NAND flash.

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