Skype Calls Coming to TV’s

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Skype Calls Coming to TV’s

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One of the largest cable companies in the US announced that it is planning  to bring Skype Video Calls to TV’s by the end of this year. Subscribers will be able to rent a special kit which contains a Webcam, an adapter and a Special Remote which will have a Keyboard at the back to type chat messages. Subscribers will get notifications of incoming calls on their TVs and will be able to answer calls with full-screen video or in a window while watching TV. No pricing plans have been decided as yet.

The Skype adapter won’t work with Skype services that let users call phone numbers, or receive calls to a phone number. Instead, Comcast plans to bundle a limited version of Skype’s offerings with its own phone service, for which it charges $20 per month and up, to the adapter, so subscribers can place and receive phone calls through the TV set.

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