Selfie Death Toll Higher Than Shark Attacks This Year

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Selfie Death Toll Higher Than Shark Attacks This Year

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The old phrase “I’d rather be eaten by a shark” comes to mind, and it has never sounded more comforting than now. According to Mashable, selfie deaths this year have surpassed the number of deaths by shark attacks.

A 66-year-old Japanese tourist died after attempting to take a selfie with his companion at the Taj Mahal’s Royal Gate. The companion suffered injuries to his leg after both fell from the stairs of the monument. The man’s death takes the selfie toll to 12 for 2015. In comparison, shark attack deaths account for 8 so far.


Selfie risks are far worse than what one may think. These tragic accidents are a reminder that focusing on your phone screen rather than your surroundings can lead to dangerous consequences. Selfie deaths have mostly been caused by falling, which is a result of trying to capture pictures from dangerous positions.

There is an unhealthy obsession with selfies, so much so that people will go to any lengths to take that perfect, memorable picture. You find selfies being taken on a train track (which is the second biggest reason for selfie deaths), with weapons, animals, over ledges, and in other dangerous and potentially risky positions.

Many tourist spots have begun to warn visitors from using selfie sticks and taking selfies in general, and with the death toll rising like this, the prohibition could get a lot more serious.

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