Over 50% of All iPhones Upgrade to iOS 9

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Over 50% of All iPhones Upgrade to iOS 9

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Following its release on Wednesday, September 16th, iOS 9 has become the most successful and swiftly adopted iOS so far. The speed with which users went ahead to update their devices led Apple to affirm that more than half of all iPhones have iOS 9 now.


The new operating system comes with a better, faster version of all characteristic Apple features, along with additions, which are bound to woo users. iOS 9 is equipped with a power-saving mode, a feature that allows you to place a FaceTime call and watch a video simultaneously, a smarter Siri, scribbling functions in the Notes app, and an improved Apple Maps that now includes transit directions.

The update process has been made easier by Apple. Memory and storage issues, which have been a concern with the recent iPhones, have also been taken care of with this update. The iOS 9 takes no more than 1.3 GB of space as compared to the 4.6 GB of iOS 8. Users are also able to temporarily delete apps which will be restored once the update is complete.

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The new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus will be available for sale Friday onwards. iOS 9 is their operating system by default. Apple expects to set new records in its sales come the 25th of this month.

All this seems to be comforting news for the company grappling with a series of problems in its software this week. Failed iOS updates were followed by a cyber attack on numerous apps in Apple’s App Store. However, the reduced update speed for Android users have inevitably made Apple’s stats look prettier than they are.The fact that different companies allow updates to OS Lollilop on their handsets at different times have allowed upgrades to iOS 9 to be the most to any OS in such a short period of time. Despite a few hiccups following the fancy Apple event earlier this month, Apple has managed to maintain its stable position in the tech world.

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