New Research Shows Why Your Android Device Might Be Vulnerable to Bugs

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New Research Shows Why Your Android Device Might Be Vulnerable to Bugs

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So here’s the thing, new research conducted by the University of Cambridge tells us that almost all Android devices have a faulty security system. Considering the fact that a lot of us are still Android users, you probably want to know how deep this breach is? The above mentioned research estimates that around 90% of Android devices are prone to a security breach.  Here’s what the research says:

“There is information asymmetry between the manufacturer, who knows whether the device is currently secure and will receive security updates, and the customer, who does not.”

The research points out the core reason for this vulnerability as being Android’s fragmented distribution and third party involvement. What are you going to do now? Well,out of this, 90% the research suggests that Nexus devices are the most secure Android devices as they run stock Android and do not have to rely on a third party manufacturer to deliver the patches on time.

Apart from Nexus, LG devices have received a good security score followed by Motorola, Samsung, Sony and HTC. Therefore, you have nothing much to worry about, unless of course you’re hiding super secret information.

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