Xiaomi’s Ninebot Mini is the Newest Self-Balancing Scooter on the Block

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Xiaomi’s Ninebot Mini is the Newest Self-Balancing Scooter on the Block

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Xiaomi’s event today revealed the fruits of the company’s investment in Ninebot. The Chinese electronic company invested in a Chinese robotic startup called Ninebot back in April and now six months later they have come out with their first product – a new self-balancing scooter called the Ninebot mini. The scooter is Xiaomi’s Segway competitor.


Those familiar with the Segway will know what to expect from the Ninebot mini. The Ninebot mini is essentially a self-balancing scooter. This battery-powered scooter can reach a speed of 16 km/h, and can climb inclines up to 15 degrees. Xiaomi claims that the scooter can go go up to 22 km on a single charge. The Segway PT, on the other hand, gives a speed of up to 25 km/h and travels up to 38 hours on a single charge.

The Ninebot mini works the same way as the Segway. The driver uses their legs to steer the scooter and can also do a 360 degree spin on the spot. The Ninebot mini is lighter too at 12.8kg, and is small enough to fit in the trunk of a car.

Segway PT

The Ninebot is priced at 1,999 Yuan, which translates to around Rs. 20,000. This makes the Ninebot far cheaper than the Segway that debuted in India in 2010 with a price tag of over Rs. 3 lakh. The Ninebot Mini is made out of aerospace grade magnesium alloy, and also comes with safety gear set along with the Ninebot Mini.The scooter can even connect to your smartphone via an app. The app can show you traffic data and can also run a diagnostic check on the scooter.

Xiaomi has not yet revealed when it plans to launch the scooter but you can expect it to come out soon enough. The company has revealed plans to release the scooter in other markets as well.

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