Drones and 3D Printers Soon to be Used For Delivering Post in Australia

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Drones and 3D Printers Soon to be Used For Delivering Post in Australia

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Postal services in Australia are all set to get more tech-savvy with the help of 3D printers and drones. While Third World countries like India still struggle with basic technology, Australia is all set to incorporate sci-fi Hollywood-like gadgets in their postal system.Drones

The CEO of Australia Post, Ahmed Fahour, said the service is discussing its plans with online retailers to make drones available in regional communities. As part of the same plans, 3D printers will also be installed in Post offices. Fahour commented,

“Some things you want, like household items, could be printed right there and then rather than waiting for it. This is the new world, the technological revolution as opposed to the industrial revolution.”

A fund of 14 million USD has been to set up to provide finances for these plans. They would be provided by the Melbourne Accelerator Programme of University of Melbourne, an initiative for entrepreneurs.

Drones have earlier been seen in Prime Air program of Amazon. The ones to be introduced in Australia will be similar to those and will be able to carry packages weighing up to 2 kilograms. GPS and back-up motors will be some of the technology they’ll come equipped with, to be able to deliver the package on the right address.

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