Samsung Rumour: The S7 Could Feature ‘BRITECELL’ Camera Sensor

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Samsung Rumour: The S7 Could Feature ‘BRITECELL’ Camera Sensor

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Over the past couple of days there have been tons of rumours regarding the camera of the upcoming Galaxy S7 flagship. Samsung is keen to be the best in the camera department.The S6 received a lot of praise for its camera and the Korean manufacturers now want to make it better.

The initial rumour that was going around was that Samsung might bump up the megapixels to around 20 or 23. The company was looking to Sony’s Xperia Z5, specifically the IMX300 sensor that the device’s camera boasts of. Having Sony’s sensor would certainly give the S7 that edge. Sony would also like to finalise a deal with Samsung so that it can push out its sensors to a wider market. So a 20MP ISOCELL camera could be on the cards.

Galaxy S6 Edge + plus iGyaan 15

Galaxy S6

However, the second rumour debunks the first in that Samsung is not looking to enter the megapixel race and will likely go with a 12MP primary camera. However, the sensors will be a large 1/2-inch size. In this case, the camera would have larger pixels  and would also improve the camera’s low-light performance.

Finally, the third and certainly not the last rumour of the day is that Samsung has filed a trademark application in which the company has trademarked BRITECELL, which, as of now, confirms rumours that Samsung is indeed going for a large sensor. The name doesn’t suggest much except that the sensor will somehow capture more light than Samsung’s previous attempts. Sony has been leading in the sensor department especially with the recently launched Nexus 6P which features Sony’s ExmorR IMX 377 sensor with 1.55 micron pixels.

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Samsung is expected to have a January unveiling of the Galaxy S7. You can expect a lot more rumours about the device as we get closer to the date. We’ll keep you updated as soon as we have more dope.

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