Here is How Facebook Might Be Invading Your Privacy With Its New Ad Products

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Here is How Facebook Might Be Invading Your Privacy With Its New Ad Products

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Facebook has reportedly decided to roll out two new advertisement products aimed at small businesses. This new advertisement scheme is to encourage smaller firms and companies, who have previously been reluctant to be a part of prime placement on the social networking website.Facebook Ads

The first ad product focuses on what Facebook is calling “local awareness ads”. This will allow businesses to target customers according to their location. This feature will especially be helpful to smaller businesses which have multiple chain stores to target their specific audience more personally.

Giving us an example of what the advertisements will look like, Facebook says, “a cafe with multiple locations …could choose to automatically populate the city name in their ad copy, depending on where the people seeing the ad are. So, people in Glasgow would see ‘join us for lunch in Glasgow’, while people in Bristol would see ‘join us for lunch in Bristol’.”

The second ad product will be mainly for the use of the company. It will allow businesses to mark the demographics of their page and locate facts and information about potential customers, that will facilitate documenting and analyzing of data by these businesses. This product will also help them differentiate between people who are passing by their page and potential customers or users.

This feature, however helpful it might sounds to the business, is in fact just one more way that Facebook might be trying to access our private information in order to facilitate another survey more accurately. This has sparked off a debate on Facebook between privacy vs. accuracy. Internet privacy

Facebook had initially started off as a social networking site, where you logged into your profile to contact friends or simply like their profile picture. However, today it has turned into a mega business company and has stretched its arms over almost every sphere of life possible. As of now, the results of it are positive, so let us keep hoping that Facebook continues the way it does.

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