Body Art Meets Technology to Help You Keep Track of Your Health

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Body Art Meets Technology to Help You Keep Track of Your Health

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Tech Tat, a tattoo prototype made using electro-conductive paint, can help you keep track of your pulse rate and heart beat. Made by an Accenture team interestingly called Chaotic Moon, this kind of tattoos are also capable of carrying information like credit card and ID details.

The enthusiastic team of the little piece of technology accepts that not only does it take care of important business like serving as a fitness tracker and a portable carrier of your private details, it’s also visually pleasing. However it’s not been confirmed yet if and when Tech Tat will be available commercially.

“We can’t conjecture about when people could get their hands on one. Typically, we will explore the best partners that would help us get Tech Tat to the consumer,” says Chaotic Moon’s CEO, Ben Lamm

This isn’t the first time body art has met technology. Motorola’s Moto X had a fling with using temporary body tattoos to unlock the smartphone last year. Having said that, it’s still hard not to look forward to seeing Tech Tat in action. Let’s see where this tech-tattoo fusion leads us next.

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