Panasonic Lets You Click Now Focus Later

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Panasonic Lets You Click Now Focus Later

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Those of you who own a Panasonic Lumix GX7, G8, or FZ300 camera can expect a firmware update with a new mode called “Post Focus”. This new mode can capture up to 49 points of focus in a single burst and it works with any lens that offers auto-focus capabilities. The photographer can also review the sequence of pictures taken in the camera, and pick the ones they want to use. Apart from this, the Post Focus mode will also allow you to record 4K videos.

Lumix GX7

The photographer can choose a focus point by tapping and swiping the touchscreen; one can also toggle through different focus points and employ assist modes. Each Lumix camera compatible with the mode has a higher megapixel count, however, the only drawback is that Post Focus mode is limited in terms of output resolution.

With this new addition, Panasonic allows you to create a picture in focus through focus stacking, combining the light-gathering and fast-shutter benefits of a wide aperture with the deep depth of field of a narrow aperture. However, parts of the process might have to be done manually. Photographers will be able to pick their point of focus using the camera’s touchscreen allowing this mode to be added to cameras with larger sensors. Overall it seems like an efficient new mode for Panasonic cameras.

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