Samsung Patent Reveals a Phone that Unfolds into a Tablet

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Samsung Patent Reveals a Phone that Unfolds into a Tablet

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Samsung recently filed a patent with USPTO, which has been revealed today. The patent shows a smartphone that unfolds into a tablet. Earlier this year, reports hinted that Samsung was working on a folding phone under the name ‘Project Valley’. The patent, titled Foldable Device and Method Of Controlling The Same, was submitted to the USPTO on May 26th, 2015.

Samsung Patent 01

The sketches on the patent application reveal several configurations of a folding device. One of the sketches also includes some onscreen icons like WhatsApp, Phone, Messages and even an iPod icon. Samsung and Apple have had a love-hate relationship for a while now, and both have been very guarded when it comes to keeping their patents a secret.

Samsung Patent


The designs, in fact, look quite innovative for smartphone displays, which are currently ruled by square, flat designs. A folding phone would give you access to the display even when the device is folded. Perhaps after introducing the first curved screen on a smartphone with the Round, Samsung plans to take it up a notch  with this design. Only time will tell if the Korean manufacturer has something innovating up its sleeve.

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