Motorola India ‘Shatters’ iPhone 6s in New Teaser

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Motorola India ‘Shatters’ iPhone 6s in New Teaser

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Motorola India yesterday launched a teaser for its upcoming Moto X Force smartphone. The device’s major highlight is its shatter-proof display which is gloriously demoed in this teaser while taking a jibe at some other well-known smartphones out there including the iPhone.

Today it has taken the fight directly to Cupertino-based tech giant, Apple. In a new video shared through Motorola India’s YouTube channel, the company takes a jibe at the iPhone mocking it for the infamous “bend-gate” situation that iPhone 6 users had to face. It further shows an iPhone 6s being dropped from an unspecified height (we’re guessing 10 feet) and switching to the next shot to reveal that the iPhone’s display has succumbed to a gruesome end.

Moto in the video starts by saying” First they bend, then they, break”, and ends it by saying ” and then they choose” followed by the Moto X logo with the words “coming soon” beneath it showing up on screen. Well, if this is what they did to the iPhone, we can only imagine what the marketing team at Motorola has in store for the other big dog in the market, Samsung.



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