Samsung to Launch Ultra-Wide 144Hz Monitors

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Samsung to Launch Ultra-Wide 144Hz Monitors

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Samsung, a leading name from the panel manufacturing industry has revealed its plans to launch two new ultra-wide (3440×1440) displays in the coming months. Both these panels will support a maximum refresh rate of 144 Hz and will be one of the first monitors in the world to support Display Port 1.3 tech.

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The new DisplayPort standard will be able to take monitors beyond 4k and into the realm of ultra high 5K resolutions with just a single cable. Additionally, the new video cable standard could allow 2016 graphics cards to drive HDR-enabled 4K monitors at high-frame rates of 144Hz.

Current generation graphic cards do not support DisplayPort 1.3, but it’s expected to be a standard for high-end cards in the coming months.

Samsung’s new monitors will be available in 30- and 35-inch variants, and use VA panels for their work. According to reports, Samsung, which is known to prefer IPS panels tried their luck with the technology for these ultra-wide high refresh rate monitors but settled for VA due to constraints of the current generation of iPS panel tech.

The smaller 30-inch model is expected to be made available to markets sometime during Q3 of this year, and the 35-inch model is expected to hit stores during Q2. No pricing details have been released but considering the high-end tech used in these panels expect these to be anything but affordable when they finally hit stores later this year.

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