Google to Manufacture In-House Nexus Devices, OEMs to Exit

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Google to Manufacture In-House Nexus Devices, OEMs to Exit

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According to reports emanating from Google headquarters in Calfornia, the tech giant is reportedly looking at going the Apple way when it comes the manufacturing of its Nexus devices. Currently, Google shares the branding of its Nexus devices with the hardware manufacturers who have a significant input in both the hardware and designing of the device.

Google wants to change this from the ground up; it plans to bring to users in the future pure Nexus branded devices which will be designed fully by Google. From the hardware to the aesthetics, these phones will be a creation of minds at Google, and as such will not sport any branding of manufacturers.  As the tech giant does not have any manufacturing units, the Nexus handsets of the future will take birth in manufacturing plants of handset makers on a contractual basis.


If and when this switch takes place, it won’t be a jump in the unknown for Google as it has already tried its hand at a task like this in the form of Pixel which are also 100% Google designed smartphones.This lineup which was originally created to use the Chrome OS was seen using the Android OS for its last product.

Reports suggest the murmurs for this switch in tactics for Google have made their way directly from the high offices of its CEO Sundar Pichhai who is said to have signaled to his associates at Google as well as outsiders of what could be the road-map ahead for Google.

Suggestions are Google’s extreme step of alienating itself from its current OEM partners is a result of the company’s growing frustration at Apple’s monopoly over the high-end Smartphone market. Google as of now has not been able to influence Android phone hardware so that it can enable new experiences which has lead the Nexus program to not gain the kind of traction with consumers that Google had previously hoped for.

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