Drone Racing: The Sport of the Future is Here!

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Drone Racing: The Sport of the Future is Here!

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In the past year, the tech industry has grown leaps and bounds when it comes to advancements in Artificial Intelligence and drone engineering. Use of drones for day to day activities has been explored, and companies like Google, Amazon and even Domino’s have spent millions on research which would enable self-driven drones to help humans with tasks like delivering packages and pizzas.

But to be fair such mundanity is not befitting of cool creatures of metal such as the drones which can fly at speeds exceeding the fastest Formula One cars. To right these wrongs, the Drone Racing League has announced its first season which will look to restore some of the lost pride of drones around the world, and let the best face off against each other in a high-speed 3-dimensional environment.

In the latest teaser video released by the Drone Racing League, earthlings get a sneak peak into the latest track that will test these drones. The organizers have aptly named it the “Gates of Hell” and a look at the video would explain why.

The track promises a challenging environment for these drones to race in, and will test not just the engineering behind them, but will also be a test of the reflexes of the drivers of these drones who will control the drones with VR goggles and remote control steering based on a live video feed from a camera on the drone’s nose. Well, all we can say is that if this is the future then we want it now!

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