Popslate 2 E-Ink iPhone Case is What Every Phone Needs

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Popslate 2 E-Ink iPhone Case is What Every Phone Needs

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Last year, Popslate brought put its first E-Ink iPhone case that allowed the iPhone to sport a secondary E-ink display on the back. Users could use the secondary display for notifications. While the first Popslate iPhone case didn’t meet expectations, the Popslate 2 very much does. The company is at the forefront of pioneering e-paper screen on phone case, and Popslate 2 is what that case is.

Popslate 2 02

The second iteration comes with a bigger 4.7-inch display at 200dpi, up from 4 inches and 115dpi. While the original Popslate case needed to be charged via Micro USB, the new one can be charged via the lightning cable, the same used to charge the iPhone. This means you’ll now be able to charge both the case and the iPhone simultaneously. Apart from this, the case has a backup battery that gives up to 9 hours talk time for your iPhone.

Popslate 2 04

Popslate 2 was the answer to the question “What should the smart second screen really be?”. The Popslate 2 comes with new, always-on features like configurable Dashboards, richer news and information feeds. Other features include phone-sized clocks, a clutter-saving e-reader, a quick list maker, faster access to the digital wallet, and more.

popslate 2 06

Popslate’s smart iPhone case can be seen as a great piece of innovation in recent times. With smartphone makers looking to make slimmer phones with bigger and bigger display, the ideas seem to end there. There are some brands who have managed to feature small strips of secondary screens on the front like LG, but a secondary display as big as the main something new indeed. And this is all thanks to the use of E-ink technology (the same used in Kindles and other E-readers).

Currently, the company is only focusing on cases for iPhones but also states that with the right partner, they will move to cases for Android devices as well. The company also said that until it understands the state of emerging markets before making any adjustments to pricing and will only then be able to bring these cases to countries like India.

The Popslate 2 is available for pre-order on Indiegogo today starting at $69, and $129 and $149 for the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, respectively. Shipping of orders will begin from July.

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