Apple vs FBI: DOJ Threatens to Force Apple into Turning Over iOS Source Code

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Apple vs FBI: DOJ Threatens to Force Apple into Turning Over iOS Source Code

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The United States Department of Justice has decided to tighten the noose on Apple, and in its latest Communications has in harsh words revealed to Apple that it will force Apple to comply with the government body’s directives.

The feds have threatened Apple that if the Cupertino-based tech giant does not accept the FBI’s request to help it unlock the San Bernardino terrorism case suspect, Syed Farook’s phone, then the feds will with all their might force Apple to give up the entire source code of the iOS and the “private electronic signature” that is required for access to the code.With these, the FBI can essentially build its own Govt.OS and unlock the Apple iPhone 5c that was used by deceased terrorist Syed Farook.

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This epic battle between the FBI and Apple is becoming more ugly by the day as only yesterday; Apple accused the DOJ of getting desperate, explaining why the government’s rhetoric bar has been raised in the last couple of days. Apple for its part has also been in attack mode as in-house attorney Bruce Sewell called the government’s filing a smear job.

Apple will go head to head against the government in court on the 22nd of this month after which there will be more clarity about the direction where things would move ahead in this particular case.

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