Finally an Attractive Fitness Tracker! Check Out Withings Activité Watch

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Finally an Attractive Fitness Tracker! Check Out Withings Activité Watch

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Well, you can’t say Withings’ Activité is a Smartwatch, atleast not in the typical sense. But it’s not just a conventional watch either. Withings describes it as the first Swiss-made watch that happens to be an activity tracker.

creditsThe French company’s new watch has computing brains to track steps taken, calories burned, distance traveled, and sleep patterns. The watch, for starters, has an analog dial, with real hands unlike typical smartwatches.

The accelerometer-based activity tracker built into the watch monitors steps taken, calories burned, distance traveled and sleep pattern. The Activité also builds in a second dial on the front of the phone that tells you how close you are to reaching your daily fitness goal.

technicals-centerIt looks mostly like a classic watch. It’s chrome and round, available in black and silver, with an analog face and a classic design. You might never know there’s anything else inside the Activité were it not for the second, smaller dial in its bottom-right corner, known as the activity dial.

The Withings’ approach of a simplistic design certainly is ground breaking in terms of smartwatch. Cédric Hutchings, the CEO, said the company’s goal was always to be different from the standard screen-on-your-wrist design.

And that’s not just it, there’s more to take from this watch than just its simple design. The Activité lasts a year with a single watch battery, is waterproof up to 5 meters, and comes with a chic leather band. Withings focused on the materials and design of its new watch, and ended up with a device that people would probably be willing to wear even if it contained lesser “smart” capabilities.


At $390, the Activité costs quite a bit more than other smartwatches, but there’s a good chance people will pay the extra for its slick design. The new watch, and all of Withings’ wearables, reports its information into an app called HealthMate, which runs on both Android and iOS. The Activité, a part high-end, Swiss-designed watch, and part activity tracker, was announced in New York City at an event that was more like a fashion show than a gadget unveiling and will be available this fall.

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