Corning Releases Gorilla Glass 5 And You Should be Excited

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Corning Releases Gorilla Glass 5 And You Should be Excited

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Corning has just released Gorilla Glass 5, and with two of the biggest launches in the smartphone industry just around the corner you should get excited.


While not openly said, Gorilla Glass was first and originally developed for the first iPhone. Corning will be shipping Gorilla Glass 5 this quarter and the iPhone 7 which is slated for a September launch may get the latest Gorilla Glass 5, and so may the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

About 4.5 billion of the world’s phones use Gorilla Glass on their displays according to Corning.  The technology behind Gorilla Glass was developed originally for Automotive industry, and this year, Ford announced that the 2016 GT model will have Gorilla Glass windshields. Some ATM also have an antimicrobial version of Gorilla Glass on their displays.

We recently did a survey, and it’s fairly obvious that everyone drops their phone. We find that the average height is over a meter high. Based on our internal data on drop events, our data shows that Gorilla Glass 5 outperforms 4 by 1.8-times. -SVP Jim Steiner

gorilla glass 5

Corning Gorilla Glass 5 is designed not only to withstand the scratches that Gorilla Glass 4 could, but also take drops from selfie height. Failure of Gorilla Glass 5 entails any manner of cracking, dropped for a height of 1.6 meters . This was achieved thanks to new materials that make up the glass, as well as the chemical used to strengthen it.

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