Airlines Ban Galaxy Note 7 From Taking Flights

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Airlines Ban Galaxy Note 7 From Taking Flights

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If you still own a Samsung Galaxy Note 7, you may be deemed a risk to lives of everyone else on board. Qantas, Jetstar, Virgin Australia and Tiger Airways, among many other have banned the use and carry of Galaxy Note 7 onboard their flights till the phone can be fixed by the South Korean manufacturer, Samsung.

Samsung has already issued a global recall of the handset, however, many hardcore Samsung Galaxy Note 7 users have retained the handset assuming no real threat exists.

Following Samsung’s product recall announcement, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices may not be used or charged on board Virgin Australia flights, Said a  Virgin spokesperson.

Samsung PR couldn’t have it any worse after the Note 7 incident. It looks like nothing will look good for Samsung till they can rectify the issue, only if they can do it quickly.

Although it should not be a problem if you are flying in India, it may soon catch on as a trend. You anyway don’t want to be in a sealed tube hundreds of miles in the air, if you phone has been rated explosive.

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