One of the Exploding phones Was Not a Galaxy Note 7 But A Galaxy Core Prime

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One of the Exploding phones Was Not a Galaxy Note 7 But A Galaxy Core Prime

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Samsung may be already suffering from a Galaxy Note 7 recall crisis, but that does not mean it is entirely out of the water. One of the phones reported in the initial set of exploding phones, the only one which physically harmed any one turned out to be a galaxy Core Prime. A 6 year old boy was rushed to the emergency room when a the Galaxy Core Prime exploded. This means that the battery incident may not be isolated but across other Samsung handsets as well. The 6 year old boy has suffered bodily injury and burns on his hands.


The 6 year old boy was reportedly playing video games, when the phone caught fire and filled the whole room with smoke. Luckily the grandparents were around to rescue the boy and take him to the Emergency room.


A few weeks ago Samsung initiated a global recall of it’s Note 7 handsets that have a battery manufacturing defect causing the batteries to short out and catch fire. Samsung is also planning to push a software update to the devices not yet recalled limiting the charging capacity to 60%.

As a reminder, please be vigilant when allowing children to play with electronics.


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