Top Smartphones of 2016

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Top Smartphones of 2016

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A lot of phones were launched in 2016, in all sizes and at different prices. However only a few made an impact on the market and one the consumer like the ones in our list.

Redmi Note 3

2016 started with the budget market getting a big hit with the Redmi Note 3, top specs for the price it was available at, the phone shook up the market, and made people want more for their money. Our full review of the Redmi Note 3 is here. 

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

The flagship market then got what is possibly the most good looking phone of 2016, with the S7 Edge and its IP68 water resistance set a high benchmark for many phones to come. Still considered the best looking phone of 2016, and the best phone Samsung ever made.


LG hit the market with the LG G5, making a crazy impact on the way we were looking at phones in 2016, Modular phones, like the concept prototype Project Ara were far from reality, LG however teased us with the LG G5 and showed us that Modular phones were possible today. While LG’s idea with the LG G5 was excellent the execution was far from flawless. However, the idea tickled us and we were hooked.

HTC 10

HTC’s return to fame, the HTC 10 gave the Taiwanese smartphone maker a new lease on life making the company relevant again. One of the best build qualities and spec set, along with features like AirPlay and the new BoomSound speakers mixed with great cameras. This was just the phone HTC needed. Our Review is here.

OnePlus 3

The Hype this year was more than ever, the OnePlus 3 lived up to expectations of hardware and price as the company launched a spec’d out phone with excellent performance and brilliant cameras. The OnePlus 3 made 6GB RAM an everyday thing as other companies are hoping to catch up. OnePlus also topped up the feature set with the OnePlus 3T sort-of filling up the tank with a little difference to spare.

Moto Z & Z Play

The Project Ara phone from Motorola may not have seen fruition, But, Lenovo owned Moto did launch a modular phone that was much more usable than the LG G5. With tons of mods and an open development platform funded by 1 Million dollars, the possibility of more 3rd party accessories joining the mix made this design a successful execution. The Moto Z is incredibly slim and well built offering great looks and specifications.

iPhone 7 & 7 Plus

Apple makes an impact on the market each year, either with a new form of gate (Antennagate, BendGate or Hissgate) or with an interesting new feature that has buyers scrambling for iPhones. in 2016 Apple made a comeback Black colour of the iPhone in two finishes, both were loved by the market and made the idea of a black coloured phone popular again. Apple also added a dual camera setup on the iPhone 7 plus and overall excellent optics on both the new phones bundled with excellent performance.

Google Pixel and Pixel Xl

The Google Pixel and Pixel XL replaced the Nexus phones, and also the philosophy of Nexus devices. the Pixel phones are built entirely by Google and offer up the best Android experience to boot. The Pixel phones also have the best cameras in 2016, pegging them against Apple and the iPhones. Google also made the Pixel phones more expensive, leaving a lot of consumers angry.

Note 7 : DONT BUY THIS ?

This would have been the phone of the year in all possibly ways, but Samsung jumped the gun a bit. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was the Smoking gun for Samsung, the company even launched it a whole mont before the launch of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Due to the disastrous battery issues, the Note 7 was recalled leading up to the largest tech recall in history. The Note 7 was globally recalled, and cost Samsung a lot more than money.

Mi Mix

Sure Xiaomi was supposed to launch the Mi Note 2 , but they also announced another phone, a non leaked smartphone with excellent features. A bezel less Mi Mix was launched late 2016, making all smartphone manufacturers scramble to the draw board. With a premium design and spec set, Xiaomi made a lasting impression in the tech community.
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