100 Disc Changing Xbox 360

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100 Disc Changing Xbox 360

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How many times have you had to get off your beanbag to change the disc in your Xbox 360? Well those days are past. Ben Heck, self styled modder, tinkerer and designer, the creator of such wondrous mods as the PS3 laptop and the portable Ninetendo 64, has come out with another great mod. He’s taken an old 100 CD changer and combined it with an Xbox 360 creating a version of the console that can store 100 discs.

As we get more and more used to downloading and viewing content, changing discs seems so yesterday. As we all know, progress breeds laziness, and if that’s true, this mod marks true progress.

Unfortunately, not only is this mod not available for purchase, its also not yet completed. We can’t wait to see this thing in action.

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