Motorola is Confident That They Would have Caught The Note 7 Battery Flaw

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Motorola is Confident That They Would have Caught The Note 7 Battery Flaw

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Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 held the better half of 2016’s news headlines thanks to faulty batteries and a large outcry from the consumers and the media. However, not all companies feel that the battery issues that Samsung dealt with would have been something of an issue in their production.

During the launch of the HTC U11, the company showed off it’s extensive testing around each and every aspect of production, in which batteries were one of the biggest under scrutiny.

Motorola’s Battery engineer,Russ Gyenes, with 25 years of experience at the company under his belt claims that the 8 point check is something that all battery manufacturers and users should have already had.

“I looked at that eight-point check,” he said. “Why wasn’t this being done by them in the past” .

Motorola has been making smartphones for many years, including the first smartphone which used a battery. The company talked about it’s many battery protocols and how it ensures not only at the testing stage but at each stage of production, including design and manufacture that the batteries comply with the outcome expected from the finished product.

The company’s 118 question audit with each manufacturer of their batteries ensures that the batteries comply to standards set not only by various battery regulatory authorities around the world but with Motorola’s own strict compliance rules. If any of those fail the whole process is stopped at a very early stage so it can be rectified. “It is a showstopper” claimed Russ, “Batteries simply should not fail any audits”.

Russ Gyenes, has been trying to convince Motorola to talk about their battery technology to the consumer, but clearly the interest to do the same was not there prior to the Samsung incident.


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