Paytm Inbox Lets You Send And Receive Money Through Texting

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Paytm Inbox Lets You Send And Receive Money Through Texting

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Paytm has rolled out a new update of its app which introduces a new feature called Inbox. The new feature is a full-fledged instant messaging app in itself which lets people communicate through texts, photos, videos or emojis and most importantly, lets you send or receive money as well. The money can only be transferred using the Paytm wallet and this update comes before WhatsApp rolls out its payment feature.

In a blog post, Paytm said:

We are excited to launch Paytm Inbox today, a new offering on our app with a fast and simple messaging service that will let you chat with your friends and family, and send/request money at the same time. You can even chat with your friendly neighborhood shopkeeper and order stuff easily and send them money instantly on delivery.

According to Paytm, Inbox will make payments easier, “as everyone from individuals to local retail stores to home-based entrepreneurs can now interact and initiate payments on-the-go.”

The update – which is already available on Android, will soon be available for iOS as well, adds Inbox to the main Paytm app, in the bottom navigation bar. Tap on the Inbox and you can start chatting with your friends. It uses your Paytm linked phone number and if you press the new message button, it shows you the phone numbers of all your friends who use the app as well.

The Inbox update will compete with WhatsApp’s upcoming payments feature. Paytm also announced that the Inbox messaging features has ‘delete for all’ option which WhatsApp recently rolled out for all the devices.

We understand you may send something by mistake. You can recall a message?—?whether to one person or a group by using the ‘Delete for All’ option. The good news is, there are no deadlines for this to work!

Paytm has certainly timed this launch to perfection. With more online payment apps entering India, Paytm needed something to differentiate from the rest of the products in the market. It will be interesting to see if people will actually shift from WhatsApp to Paytm just for the Inbox feature.

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