This App Lets You Use iMessage On Android

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This App Lets You Use iMessage On Android

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There are plenty of instant messaging apps for both Android and iOS platforms like WhatsApp. However, iMessage is an instant messaging app which is for iOS devices only. A new app called weMessage however, lets Android users get the experience of iMessage as well.

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weMessage is an app and server combination that was created by 16-year-old developer Roman Scott. He posted about the new messaging solution on Reddit, and it received a lot of attention:

My name is Roman, and I am a 16 year-old app developer. I have recently published my first app to the Play Store, called weMessage. weMessage is an app that allows you to use iMessage on your Android phones or tablets.

I created weMessage due to the inability of people on Android to use iMessage’s ecosystem. Although it is allows you to use iMessage on your Android device, I cannot close the gap between Android and Apple completely because weMessage is reliant on an Apple computer, which I will explain below.

weMessage is composed of two pieces of software: the Android app itself and a messaging server that I called the weServer. In order to use weMessage, you need to install the weServer on a Mac computer. The weServer acts as a “bridge” between the Mac computer and your Android device.

It is worth noting that cross-platform iMessaging solutions have been published on the internet before. The reality is that developers who have done this in the past have seen their solutions blocked by software updates from Apple. Until Apple takes the app down, you can download weMessage here. You can also log on to the weMessage website to learn more about the app and how to download and install the solution.

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