Face ID Rivals On Android “Stink”, Says Phil Schiller

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Face ID Rivals On Android “Stink”, Says Phil Schiller

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Apple launched the iPhone X back in September with a number of changes in hardware and design from the previous generations. The most notable and talked-about change is the removal of the iconic home button and introduction of Face ID. While facial recognition and iris scanning has been prevalent in Android phones for years, Face ID brought mainstream attention to the facial recognition technology.

Ever since the iPhone X was launched, Huawei has come out and announced its take on Face ID and claimed that it’s much faster and more accurate than Apple’s Face ID technology. There have been rumours that Samsung is working hard on its iris scanning technology which will enable it to work even when it is too dark.

In an interview with Dutch outlet Bright, Apple’s Marketing Guru Phil Schiller has strong opinions about the Android rivals to Face ID. “They all stink,” he said.

They don’t work in all the ways we need Face ID to work. We’re very aware that through the years the simple thing, this Home button, that started as the way you click to get to the Home screen, grew into doing so many things for us. We added Touch ID, it took you to the multitasking screen, paged Siri, activated Apple Pay. All through this one mechanical button.

So for Face ID we needed the best way we know of to enable us to easily unlock our device with our face, in a protected way with the Secure Enclave, and support all these other things. We had to solve all of that. Other things that people have tried with face haven’t been anything like that. Face ID is a very unique implementation.

Face ID has been compared to OnePlus’s facial recognition technology on the OnePlus 5T even though OnePlus has conceded that its facial recognition is more for convenience than security.

Face ID has also come across a few stumbling blocks. Recently, it was cracked by an elaborate experiment with some expensive gadgets and a lot of time. With the bezels getting thinner and Apple investing so much in Face ID, it appears that Touch ID will slowly be phased out of remaining Apple devices, especially as FaceID becomes more convenient and more reliable.

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