Smartphone Manufacturers Confirm They’re Not Slowing Down Their Phones

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Smartphone Manufacturers Confirm They’re Not Slowing Down Their Phones

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Apple recently agreed that it deliberately slows down iPhones in order to prolong the life of old batteries in iPhone 6 and later. Ever since the news broke out, there have been a lot of questions being asked about the honestly and transparency between a company and its consumers. Evidently, Android phone makers were also questioned about the same and a few of them have come out and denied slowing down their phones for any cause.

Speaking to PhoneArena, an LG representative stated they “never have never will” do such a thing, adding that the company cares what the customers think.

Samsung said in a statement:

Product quality has been and will always be Samsung Mobile’s top priority.

The spokesperson makes further explained that the battery life of Samsung phones goes through multi-layer safety measures which include software algorithms. The CPU performance is not reduced through software updates to keep the battery lifecycle longer.

Previously, HTC and Motorola had come out and cleared the air around their own products. An HTC spokesperson said that “is not something we do.” While talking to The Verge, a Motorola representative said:

We do not throttle CPU performance based on older batteries.

The aftermath of Apple’s confession has lead to a lot of consumers of both Android and iOS to doubt the intentions of its smartphone manufacturer. However, these stern statements should go a long way in clearing out any doubt the consumers had in their minds.

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