LG CEO Wants Complete Overhaul Of LG G7

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LG CEO Wants Complete Overhaul Of LG G7

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The LG G7 has been a shadow of what the LG G6 was at the same time back in 2017. There have barely been any leaks, rumours or renders of the upcoming flagship smartphone from LG. The company’s smartphone business has not been doing well at all, after ten back-to-back quarterly losses and the eleventh to follow soon.

At CES 2018, LG came out and conceded that it needs to take major steps to turn the tide around for its smartphone business. Subsequently, a rebranding of the LG G series was rumoured and it appears that this move on the cards. According to a report, vice chairman and CEO of LG Electronics, Jo Seong-jin, has effectively cancelled the G6 successor and ordered the development team to completely overhaul the upcoming flagship.

This could also be a part of the company’s changing launch strategy. LG confirmed that it would move away from a traditional annual release strategy, instead retaining existing models over a longer lifespan with incremental variants to its G and V series.

The report, based on claims by an anonymous company insider, notes that this process of complete overhaul will push back the device’s launch until at least April. It further claims that these orders of revision were sent down to working-level officials right after CES concluded. The official also claims that the reasons to rehash the device are internal as well.

The internal speculation is that the company hasn’t been able to find a strong selling point for the G7 smartphone.

A push back to April means that the device will launch much after the Samsung Galaxy S9 and it might be a blessing in disguise for the company. This timeline will let LG use the Snapdragon 845 chipset for its upcoming device and with a refreshed design and new features, it might catch the attention of consumers as the craze of Galaxy S9, S9+ would’ve relatively decreased by then.

However, all of that will depend on what LG puts out instead of the LG G7 and whether it will be called the G7 or not is also a mystery now.

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