Top 5 Bluetooth Headphones Under Rs. 2000

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Top 5 Bluetooth Headphones Under Rs. 2000

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More smartphones in 2018 are expected to drop the headphone jack. It is a sad reality we have to live in. However, it is also true that more and more budget Bluetooth headphones are becoming better by the day. So, if you have a smartphone without a headphone jack, or just want to try out a pair of great sounding Bluetooth headphones, read on. We take a look at the top five Bluetooth headphones (in-ear and over-ear) that cost less than Rs. 2000!

Zakk Air


If you work out, or like the occasional jog, the Zakk Air are ideal for you. These in-ear type Bluetooth earbuds cost Rs. 1899 and are available on Amazon right now. The earbuds have a playback time of up to 5 hours and are also sweat resistance. So you don’t have to worry about spoiling them when you’re at the gym.

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Boat Rockerz 510


These are for people who prefer over the ear headphones. Boat headphones are bass heavy and these headphones are no different. The Rockerz 510 has a comfortable fit, and ideal for long listening hours. It has an inline microphone as well as a host of buttons to control your music and headphones without reaching out for your phone. Also, it comes with a 3.5mm cable for times when your headphones run out of battery.

Moto Pulse Wireless Headphones


Probably the most minimalistic headphones on the list, the Moto Pulse headphones sound great. They are on ear type headphones instead of over the ear. This means that the sound bleeds out a bit. However, at a price of Rs. 1500 and the assurance of Moto brand, the Moto Pulse make a great pair of headphones. One downside is the lack of support for wired playback. This means that if you run out of battery, there is no way to use the headphones.

Zakk Flex

The Zakk Flex are in-ear type earphones with a neckband reminiscent of the Sony h.ear in earbuds. The neckband is flexible resulting in a very comfortable fit. A good thing is that the flexible neckband doesn’t add a lot of weight to the earphones. They sound great and are priced at Rs. 1799. Just like the Zakk Air, these earbuds are also sweat resistant. The neckband comes into play when we talk about the battery life. The Zakk Flex has a playback time of up to 8 hours which is extremely convenient.

Portronics Harmonics 204

The Portronics Harmonics 204 have a build and style similar to the Zakk Flex. There is a neckband that holds the earbuds together and is also very flexible. A nifty feature it has is the magnetic latch to prevent accidental falls. Similar to the Zakk Air, the Harmonics 204 have a playback time of up to 5 hours.

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