PhoneKid Is A Kids-Friendly Smartphone With Parental Control

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PhoneKid Is A Kids-Friendly Smartphone With Parental Control

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Most of the parents are afraid of exposure that their children get on a smartphone. In fact, most of them do not let their children use a smartphone until a specific age. In this modern world security is also a major concern. To solve this riddle, a Spanish company has come up with a new smartphone, the PhoneKid. It was officially launched at MWC 2018. However, there is no information on the specifications, pricing, or, availability.

The PhoneKid is a regular smartphone based on the Android operating system. Similarly, it also gives a layer of control for the parent. A parent can enable or disable certain functions (remotely) by just using an app. In fact, they can replace the phone’s screen into an activity command page.

However, the child cannot do two things on the PhoneKid. One, he/she cannot turn off the smartphone, two, they cannot disable GPS or global positioning service. So, the parent will have the added advantage of tracking their children at all the time. Similarly, if the battery runs out, then there is no alternative what so ever.PhoneKid

What is PhoneKid?

PhoneKid is a fully fledged Android smartphone with support for Google Play store. However, it depends on the parents to give or not to give access to these services. There is a hidden SOS mode, which can be used to call the parent, whenever the user is in some kind of trouble.

This would be a great smartphone for the kids. However, the kids might not appreciate the fact that, the parents can control all the actions on the smartphone.


The idea behind the concept looks promising. However, these actions can be duplicated by just installing an app on any Android or iOS smartphones. In fact, here are some the some of the apps that can give complete control over your children’s smartphone.

SecureTeen Parental Control

Kaspersky SafeKids: Parental Control for Android

Kids Place – Parental Control

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