Android P To Support Iris Scanner

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Android P To Support Iris Scanner

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Samsung introduced fingerprint scanner on the Samsung Galaxy S5, it made into stock android on Android Marshmallow. Samsung introduced multi-window mode on the Galaxy Note 4, it made into native Android on Android Nougat. Now Google is all set to adopt the support for Iris scanner in the Android P natively.

What does it mean?

This means that the Google Pixel 3 lineup from Google is expected to feature Iris scanner. Companies like OnePlus, Honor, and Xiaomi have already come up with the phones with face recognition. However, the technology used on these devices is not foolproof like the Iris Scanning.

In fact, the Samsung Galaxy S9 uses both Iris scanner and Face scanning to improve the over experience. Do note that, Samsung is the only mainstream smartphone maker to offer Iris scanner.Iris Scanner


Is Iris scanner a safe authentication method?

For the most part yes. It scans different parts of the eyeball, which are very distinct even on twins. However, as of now, the one has to look at the phone from a specific distance to unlock the smartphone. Similarly, it takes an additional second more than the fingerprint scanner.

In fact, one cannot fool it using a 3D model or an identical twin like the Face ID. So, it is safe but not the fastest thing in the world. Even the hardware requirement for the Iris scanner is not as complex as Face ID, so it will be easy to mass produce.


The implementation of Iris scanner has been spotted on the alpha build of the Android P. Google should officially announce this new feature at the Google I/O 2018. The Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL could be the first set of non-Samsung smartphones to feature this new technology.

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