Mickey And Minnie Mouse AR Emojis Now Available For The Galaxy S9 & S9+

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Mickey And Minnie Mouse AR Emojis Now Available For The Galaxy S9 & S9+

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Over the years, emojis have become an integral part of one of the most common daily tasks, texting. Smartphone makers have now started incorporating AR with emojis for an even more personalised experience. It all with the Apple iPhone X and its Animojis. Apple used its 3D sensors for some very accurate AR emojis that have become quite famous. Samsung jumped aboard the bandwagon with Galaxy S9 and AR Emojis.

To add more customisation options, the company has introduced Minnie and Mickey Mouse emojis as well. However, unlike Animojis, the AR Emojis doesn’t match the standard set by Apple, in terms of replicating the expression. In fact, we tried the AR emojis on the Galaxy S9+ and it doesn’t look anything similar to reality. This is possibly due to the lack of hardware required for accurate AR experience that the iPhone X possesses.

One can download the Mickey and Minnie Mouse emojis using the camera on the Galaxy S9 and the S9+ for free of cost. Similarly, the company will add other Disney characters like The Incredibles, Zootopia, and Frozen in the coming days.

The company launched the Galaxy S9 and the S9+ in India on the 6th of March 2018. While the overall design remains identical to its predecessors, there are are some major camera upgrades.

What is AR Emojis?

AR Emojis are animated characters, that can replicate a user’s facial expressions. According to Samsung, it works on:

Deep learning and facial recognition technology to map more than 100 facial features to produce a 3D replica, allowing users to create fun, customized messages to send to friends.

Unlike Apple iPhone X, these AR emojis can be shared with other smartphone users, who don’t have a Galaxy S9 or S9+. To make the sharing process simpler, the smartphone creates 18 custom AGIF file format. However, Mickey and Minnie Mouse emojis do not support this feature. This means that these emojis are not very customisable, however, can be shared with everyone. One can also pin the AR emojis to the lock-screen (always on display) as well.

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