Top Tech And Accessories Under Rs. 500

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Top Tech And Accessories Under Rs. 500

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It doesn’t take a lot of money to buy really good tech and accessories. iGyaan is back with its Top Tech series and we have a look at the top tech under Rs 500. Please note that the prices may fluctuate time and again.

Portable Light

This is a compact portable light with magnetic properties. The device needs 3 AAA sized batteries to operate, which has an LED light with variable brightness levels. One can hang this to a backpack using a built-in clamp. Similarly, this device can stick to any metal surface. This can also be used as an emergency lamp. There is a stroke flash mechanism, which comes handy in emergency situations. What more can we expect for Rs 325?

Engraving Pen

Don’t try to tattoo yourself using this tool, as it is made for engraving smoother materials like wood. The device operates on two AA sized batteries (sold separately). The company claims that the device can be used to engrave on Wood, Plastic, Glass, and even metal. However, considering the speed of the motor the engraving might not be that effective on materials like metal and glass. It does work well on a wooden surface, as demonstrated in our video. This is a bang for your buck deal for Rs 250 rupees.

Sticky Pad

The two dissimilarly shaped sticky pads will cost Rs 380. These pads can stick to any surface including Glass, Wood, and Plastic. One can easily pop-on a smartphone or a power bank in a second. As these are based on glue, the pads might accommodate dust. However, remove the pad from the surface and rinse it with water to remove debris.

Screwdriver Set

If you are a DIY guy, then this Rs 449 priced device will come in handy in different scenarios. This is a precision screwdriver set with 25 screwdriver heads and a magnetic body. Similarly, the user can adjust the tightness of the bit and the body by screwing mechanism.  From outside, the package looks like a pouch. However, inside it houses different screw bits.

Hybrid SIM adapter

If you have a smartphone with dual hybrid SIM slot, then this tool will come handy to use two SIM cards and a micro SD card simultaneously. We tried this on a Xiaomi Redmi 5 and it worked as advertised. However, make sure to get a genuine or you might screw-up your smartphone. For a price of Rs 200, you will get a dedicated micro SD card slot.

Card Pocket

This comes in handy for those who forget to carry their wallets and not their smartphone. This is a self-adhesive card pocket for mobiles and tablets. For the price, it has a premium build quality. The card pocket is available in multiple colours, which can stick to a smartphone’s back or a case.

Survival Compass

This is a multi-tool tech package with plenty of features. The kit is priced at Rs 399 and has a temperature sensor, humidity sensor, and a compass. Inside the tool, it has a reflector and a magnifying glass built on a tiny scale. Additionally, there is a flashlight, which will come handy when you are trucking in a jungle. The best of the tool is the survival whistle, which can create a high pitch noise.

Philips SHE3700RD Earphones

In a budget of Rs 500, you’ll be hardpressed to find a better pair of earphones. Philips, especially, is known for its audio devices and the Philips SHE3700RD earphones do not disappoint. The earphones do miss out on aniline microphone which can be a bummer for a few people. However, these earphones are an ideal blend of looks and sound quality at this price.

Outdoor Match Kit

You would’ve have seen n number of matchboxes in your lifetime. But, nothing like these, we bet. The outdoor match kit come in a plastic container, which can light up the fire even in a wet situation. These have a longer burning time compared to a typical matchstick and a great tool for your next trucking. These are priced at Rs 265, which is a bit high compared to other accessories.


Our last top tech pick comes handy for those, who travel a lot. These S-biners can be used to attach your luggage to one another. These S-biners come in a pair and will cost you Rs 475, which can carry load up to 45 KG. Similarly, these biners will be available in different colours and different capacities.

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