Huawei Gains A Patent On A Foldable Smartphone Design

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Huawei Gains A Patent On A Foldable Smartphone Design

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Companies like Samsung and Apple have started working a smartphone with a foldable display. In fact, the Samsung Galaxy X could be the first smartphone to feature this technology. And now, Huawei filed a new patent on a smartphone with a foldable display technology. Having a foldable display on a smartphone will offer a compact form factor with a large screen real estate.

Foldable smartphone

Foldable Smartphone Technology

This new patent from Huawei has a similar mechanism, that is found on the Microsoft Surface Book. The smartphone is will have similar dimensions as of a standard smartphone. Unfolding the device will offer a bigger tablet-like screen. This also means that the fingerprint sensor will be built on to the display, similar to the Vivo X20 UD.

Having a foldable design also means that, the device should have a foldable display. Though companies like Samsung has already achieved an OLED panel with foldable display, can this withstand the day to day usage? This design mechanism might affect the battery life and durability of the smartphone as well. As this is just a patent filing, the technology is still at a nascent stage and still needs additional fine-tuning.

A smartphone with a flexible display, glass is still a long due. However, considering the progress happening in the smartphone industry, these smartphones could hit the market sooner than we expect. Considering all these technical difficulties, smartphones with a foldable display could see its daylight in CES 2020.

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