Top Tech: Wired Headphones In India Under Rs. 1000

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Top Tech: Wired Headphones In India Under Rs. 1000

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We recently picked out the 10 best in-ear style earphones under Rs 1000. However, earphones are not everyone’ cup of tea and some people prefer headphones. So, we have now picked out the 5 best headphones under Rs 1000 available in India. These headphones have some nifty features for their pruce tag and offer different kinds of sound stages. It is worth noting that the price of these headphones fluctuates a lot.

Panasonic Headphones

The Panasonic over the ear Stereo Headphones are priced at Rs 982. These are available in series of colours, Red, Blue, White and Black. These headphones are entirely made out of plastic and really comfortable to wear over the head. The ear cups are little hard but can be used for longer periods of time. These headphones have a 30mm neodymium drivers and these do fold up into flat styled headphones, which helps us to carry these in the backpack. It has a flat style 1.2-meter cable with a standard 3.5 mm headphone jack. In terms of sound reproduction, these headphones produce a solid and smooth bass with strong vocals.

Edifier Headphones

The Edifier On-Ear headphones retail for Rs 727. These headphones have a retro look and are available in White and Black colour variants with a metal and plastic design. Additionally, these headphones have an expandable metallic headband, which makes it fit all sizes of heads. The ear cups have a memory foam and offer a great comfort. These headphones have great high and vocals with a mediocre bass. Finally, the headband is a bit stiff and it is not designed for extremely large heads.

Boat Bass Heads 800

These over the ear headphones retail for Rs 999. These are super extra bass headphones with an in-line microphone. These headphones have a retro style design, where the headband is spring loaded. The ear cups are really soft and comfortable, but they miss out on ventilation. These headphones are extremely bass heavy. If you are looking for extremely bass-heavy headphones, then Boat Bass Heads 800 should be your pick.

Philips Bass+ SHL Headphones

These over the ear headphones retail for Rs 949 and are available in Black, Magenta, and White colour. The headphones have two variants, one with an in-line microphone and the other without a microphone. These headphones have 32 mm drivers and these are extremely bass heavy headphones. However, these are very comfortable and lightweight with soft ear cups. These headphones produce a good amount of vocals and low ends with punchier bass. The headphones miss out on cushioning, which is the only downside.

Philips SHL 4450

These headphones retail for Rs 999 and come in different colours. The Philips SHL 4450 has a glossy plastic finish with a retro style design. These headphones are very light even though they pack in a 32 mm driver. These headphones produce clean and crisp vocals with a flat bass. If you are looking for headphones which can produce clear audio with an in-line microphone, then the Philips SHL 4450 should do the job.

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