Samsung’s Foldable Smartphone Will Cost Around US$ 2000, Launch In Early-2019

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Samsung’s Foldable Smartphone Will Cost Around US$ 2000, Launch In Early-2019

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Samsung’s highly-anticipated foldable smartphone has been in the works for quite a while now. The company was first expected to unveil the Galaxy X at CES 2018, however, that seems highly unlikely. There were reports that Samsung showcased a working prototype of the Galaxy X behind closed doors at Mobile World Congress. After spending so much of time and money in the new smartphone, Samsung is hoping to unveil the device in early-2019.

We have known about the Samsung Galaxy X for a while now. A few years ago, Samsung showcased foldable displays at tech conventions. However, only last year did the company start dropping hints at a possible consumer-ready foldable smartphone. As expected, the Galaxy X won’t be a cheap commodity to own. It is expected to be priced at US$ 1850 which could rise up when taxes are included. This means its final price could be US$ 2000.

With this price tag, one thing is certain. This won’t a gadget for an average consumer. Only tech enthusiasts will be willing to shell out US$ 2000 on a first-gen foldable smartphone. One aspect of the phone that will bring solace to future owners is that the foldable display won’t just be a gimmick. Samsung’s CEO DJ Koh, after unveiling the Galaxy S9 back in February, told reporters that the Galaxy X’s display will have real-world usage and won’t just be a marketing gimmick.

According to an earlier report, the Galaxy X would feature a 7.3-inch, flexible OLED display (built by Samsung Display) which would fold open like a book.

It is also worth noting that Samsung isn’t the only one vying a foldable smartphone launch. Huawei, as well, has joined the race. Huawei recently filed a new patent on a smartphone with a foldable display technology. This new patent from Huawei has a similar mechanism, that is found on the Microsoft Surface Book. The smartphone is will have similar dimensions as of a standard smartphone. Unfolding the device will offer a bigger tablet-like screen.

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