Leaks Suggest Android P Could Be Called Android Pistachio

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Leaks Suggest Android P Could Be Called Android Pistachio

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Leaks have revealed the name of Android P and the fans are going nuts (pun intended). The leak was first posted on a Polish website. The website shared screenshots of a conversation between a Huawei representative and a customer. The customer was inquiring about the Android 8.0 Oreo update for the Huawei P9 Lite.

Android Pistachio

Huawei Live Chat Screenshot

Though it is highly unlikely for Google to reveal the official name for its Android P. This news still steers the thought process and speculation to a new direction. Other rumors about the name suggest that the name could be Android Pistachio Ice-cream.

Android Pistachio

Android P

Android usually uses names of sweet treats or desserts. For Google to use a “nutty” name will be quite surprising. In this case, the name Pistachio Ice-cream would make more sense. From Cupcake to the to Oreo the names have always been based on a candy or dessert. One should keep in mind that during its testing phase Android 8.0 was just called Android O.

There is again a catch to Android Pistachio Ice-cream as the name “Ice-cream Sandwich” has already been used. This naming convention could sound redundant which further creates a doubt about the entire leak.

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Android P is the ninth installation of Google’s Android OS. Many devices including the OnePlus 6 have already received a Developer Preview of the Android P. This new version brings subtle UI changes like the redesigned notification panel when triggered by the volume rockers. The new update also brings better battery optimization, dark and light theme modes, and the ability to toggle between multiple wallpapers.

Pistachio tastes quite good but, whether Google names Android P after “these nuts”, remains to be seen. With the official announcement about a month or so away, we will monitor this thread closely so stay tuned to iGyaan for any further updates.

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