iG UK: Scotland’s underground Garbage Bins

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iG UK: Scotland’s underground Garbage Bins

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The Scott’s have found an interesting way to deal with the large amounts of public trash created by their tourist population in Edinburgh.

Four simple small sized garbage cans are placed on a platform. These are bottomless, and have large garbage dump cans attached below the platform.

The platform is on a motor pulley system and is raised easily by the garbage collector. There are 4 independent hydro pump motors which power the pneumatic drive. The oil filled piston is serviced twice a week. These are then simply attached to the garbage truck and emptied out.

A regular twice a week wash and oil cycle ensures that the cans don’t stink and are in good operative condition for the public to use. Now that is good clean street infrastructure. Something India could have used during the commonwealth, when our big eye sores for garbage cans were laying on the street unattended.


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