Samsung Might Have Just Confirmed The Nokia 9

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Samsung Might Have Just Confirmed The Nokia 9

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The upcoming Nokia flagship has been a subject to a lot of attention recently. With reports about the Nokia 9 pointing at a penta camera setup, in-display fingerprint scanner and more. It seems that the stakes seem to be very high for HMD. However, in an unlikely turn of events, Samsung has accidentally leaked the specifications of the upcoming Nokia 9.

The Leak

Yes, we know this is a very odd source to get information about the next Nokia device. But, the website of Samsung’s buyback program in Latvia has revealed some interesting figures. In a section of the webpage which tells you how much you can save on your next Samsung Galaxy phone, multiple options of a ‘Nokia 9’ can be seen. The page shows models with 128 GB and 64 GB of storage. Both the variants also seem to have a dual SIM and single SIM option.

Samsung Leaks Nokia 9


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While this could be a simple typo on Samsung’s part, it is also likely that it is not. Smartphone manufacturers are known to have knowledge of the upcoming devices form their ‘rivals’ way before it is announced or released. This being said, it is possible that Samsung, the leader in smartphone sales globally, might have a clue about HMD’s next flagship.

Flagship Woes

If that is the case and this information is true, we can brace ourselves for more upsetting news. The plain 64 GB and 128 GB options don’t comply with the earlier leaks. The Nokia 9 will reportedly have a 5 camera setup which might just shake up the smartphone world. Rumours say that this will be done in partnership with Zeiss. Also adding to the list is the rumour of an in-display fingerprint reader on the Nokia 9. With such flagship features and groundbreaking camera setups, it is hard to believe that storage options will be restricted to just mid range specs.

The fact is that HMD needs to pull out their best trick in order to make a proper comeback. While a steady sale has greeted the mid range and low range Nokia devices which have been launched recently, a great flagship might be the game changer for HMD.

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