Check Out The Top 10 Tech Under Rs 500

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Check Out The Top 10 Tech Under Rs 500

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Who doesn’t love a useful piece of technology which does not take a big bite out of your pocket? So, here’s a list of the top 10 devices and gadgets which will make your life easier.

  1. HeadPhone Splitter:

    This headphone splitter from AmazonBasics splits a single line into 5 auxiliary ports for sharing. with this, you can share the media with up to 5 people or even connect 5 speakers to the device. You also get an auxiliary cable along with the splitter. It is available in 8 colours.

  2. Gaming Smartphone Triggers:

    The gaming smartphone triggers are what the gamer inside you needs. It can be used for games such as PUBG and Fortnite and will aid your gaming experience. The triggers do not require a power supple and easily sit on your device, without hindering your experience. It supports both Android and iOS devices.

  3. Mivi Type-C to USB & Type-C to Mirco USB Adapters:

    These two adapters for your Type-C device will help you connect to USB and Micro USB devices and outlets. With this, you can connect a pen drive or any other device to your smartphone. This is helpful in situations when one is not able to find a suitable outlet for they device.

  4. USB LED Gaming Mouse:

    The Marvo LED gaming mouse is a 6D wired gaming mouse. It has 7 colour options, which keep changing continuously. The device claims a stroke life of 3 million times and a DPI of 2400.

  5. Magnetic Phone Holder:

    This magnetic phone holder has a great design and an aluminium alloy metal body. This gives the device a very classy look. It can be stuck on to any surface and is quite sturdy. It is very useful and can be stuck on to your car, desk or walls.

  6. No Tie Laces:

    This is a great help for all of us who are tired of tying and re-tying our shoe laces. The no tie laces can be adjusted to your liking and once they are set, you just need to loosen the laces to slip your foot in and tighten it once you’re done. The laces also stretch, making them more comfortable during any kind of movement.

  7. Lazy Glasses:

    The lazy glasses is another great device for the lazy ones, as the name suggests. With these glasses, you can read or view any content even while you are lying down, without straining your next or eyes.

  8. Camera Strap:

    This camera strap is every useful for all the camera enthusiasts out there. With this, you can simply attach the camera to the strap and you are good to go. It can be loosened and tightened according to your preference and you can even take shots without having to detach the camera from the strap.

  9. Camera Clip:

    The camera clip is mounted on your belt, and is a boon for those who are tired of all the straps. The clip has a lock which ensures your camera stays in place and is always secure. The positioning of the clip gives one an easy access to your camera while on the move.

  10. Hot Shoe Phone Mount:

    The hot shoe phone mount lets you attach your phone to your camera. Since your phone is mounted above your camera, you can take pictures of videos simultaneously with both your camera and phone, keeping the same frame.

  11. Bonus- Alarm Lock:

    This is no ordinary pad lock. The lock will set off a high volume alarm if it is tampered with, adding to the security. You can use this not only at home but also when you are using lockers or cupboards in places you don’t trust.


To know more about the devices, you can watch our video below.



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