Google’s New App Lets You Use Your Android Device Hands-Free

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Google’s New App Lets You Use Your Android Device Hands-Free

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The Google Voice Access app has been launched and provides an entirely hands-free experience to users. The feature is only available on Android phones as of now and lets you navigate through apps, compose and edit text, and talk to Google Assistant. The tech giant has made this app keeping in mind the millions of people with motor and mobility impairments.

The app provides a much more extensive experience as compared to the Google Assistant. With the new app, you can “click buttons”, control apps, scroll and navigate app screens and basically do almost anything, without having to touch the phone. While Google has built the app to help people with disabilities, those without a disability can use it too. The app will is handy in tight situations like cooking or when one has got their hands full.

It works through a system which places numbers on the screen, which you can call out to access those features. Simply call out the number and the app will perform the specific task or open the feature. To get a better understanding the position of numbers, take a look at the image below.


Other than this, you can also instruct your smartphone to “turn up the volume” or “turn off device”. You can also change these in the settings menu. You can also instruct the device to scroll up or down through a menu. The app also helps you send whole messages and has simple editing tools as well.  You can tell the app to change or delete certain words and even delete entire lines. You can also access the full list of commands under the “show all commands” section in the settings menu.

The Google Voice Access App is available Globally on the PlayStore for free. As of now, it only supports English language and Google is bringing additional languages to the app soon.

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