Huawei Launches Ultra Fast Charging Battery

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Huawei Launches Ultra Fast Charging Battery

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The Huawei Consumer Business Group has unveiled the first patented Lithium-Silicon battery. The company promise to change the entire experience of using a smartphone with this new battery. The Lithium-Silicon battery enhances fast charging and adds to the safety as well.

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Huawei says that the technology is similar to a battery which is likely to be seen in upcoming Huawei smartphones. This could mean that we would see the Huawei Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro equipped with this capabilities. The new battery is more durable and has better power-retention capability. This is due to the fact that the silicon anodes in the Lithium-Silicon battery hold more power than the Graphite based versions.

The company claims that this technology will revolutionise the way people use their smartphones. Just like multi-touch changed the way displays work. The battery has 3D Nitrogen-doped Carbon coating. They manufacture the coating at a lower temperature and it has high conductivity. This results in ultra fast charging.

Ultra-Fast charging uses a relatively low voltage and high current formulas. This is however, unlike the conventional fast charging technologies. The low voltage and high current formula maximises the amount of current going into the device while minimising efficiency loss simultaneously.

Huawei says that the technology is based on electrochemical kinetics advancements. This enables ultra fast charging batteries to support greater power efficiency and current input. The company promises that this new technology will change the way we use smartphones and free users from having no access to their devices due to lower battery life. It will be interesting to see how this technology will impact the way smartphones work in the future.

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