Amazon Echo Plus Unboxing And First look

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Amazon Echo Plus Unboxing And First look

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The new Amazon Echo Plus (2nd Gen) has been launched and it hosts a lot of improvements over the previous generation. The new improved Echo Plus is different both inside and out. With improved sound quality and some evident design changes, the Echo Plus looks promising, to say the least. Launched at a price of Rs 14,999, we take a look at what it packs inside.

Inside The Box

The  Box houses the device itself, a quick start manual and warranty information. Apart from this, it houses the wall adapter which powers the Echo Plus. The wall adapter has a really long wire, ensuring that you can place the device at a spot of your convenience.

Design Changes

The new Echo Plus has a brand new design with a fabric mesh on the outside, giving it a really classy look. This is quite an improvement over the previous generation which had a plastic build. The redesigned Echo Plus actually looks like a device which is meant to be a part of your home, rather than the machine-like design of the previous generation.

The new Echo Plus is shorter but broader but is lighter than the previous version. The device has 4 control buttons on the top. Two of these let you control its volume while one is to disable your microphone and the other is to launch Alexa without having to call out to her. The Amazon logo has been moved to the bottom of the device. The Echo Plus has an LED rim which flashes blue when Alexa is listening to you or is saying something. The ring turns red when you deactivate the microphone. Near the bottom end of the device is the 3.5 mm aux port and the power port.

Audio Features

The Echo Plus claims better sound quality than the previous generation and is equipped with omnidirectional Dolby Audio. The device has a 0.8-inch tweeter and a 3-inch subwoofer. The tweeter is present in the lower half of the device, therefore improving the overall sound output. The improvement in sounds quality is quite evident and it has a pretty broad volume range. The Echo Plus is able to fill the room with good quality sound. Obviously, the sound quality will not match that of a dedicated speaker.

More than the output, the device can also hear you over the sound of whatever is playing. For example, even if you’ve got rock music blaring at full volume, Alexa responds to you and makes sure your command is executed. An interesting feature is the ability for it to connect to other Alexa enabled devices. So you can pair up your Echo Plus device with an Echo Spot or an Echo Dot and play your content across multiple rooms. Additionally, the device can also be connected to other speakers via the Aux port, which will result in better sound. Unfortunately, the device needs power at all times and is therefore not portable.

Home Control & Smart Capabilities

The highlight of the Echo Plus is the fact that it is a smart speaker. This means that the device has the ability to connect with and control smart appliances at your home as well as perform a variety of tasks with the help of Alexa.

The device can control switches, cameras, thermostats and bulbs among other smart devices. You can then control these devices just by using your voice. With Alexa’s increasing popularity, more and more manufacturers are producing devices which have Alexa integration.

Apart from connecting to smart devices, the speaker can perform multiple tasks, thanks to Alexa integration. You can ask the Echo Plus about the weather, a roundup of the latest news, to tell you a joke or even manage your calendar. It can also book a cab, order food and get you information from multiple sources. The device also has the feature to make calls through your mobile, but this is not available in India as of now.

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Rounding Up

The impressions from our initial use of the device prove that the Amazon Echo Plus (2nd Generation) is an obvious improvement over its predecessor. With a better and classier design, enhanced sound quality and integration of multiple features, it does stand out in its segment. The Echo Plus is available on Amazon for a price of Rs 14,999.

You can check out our video of the Amazon Echo Plus below:


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